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    • Krista Hegge

      Week 12

      By Krista Hegge Comments (1)
      I currently teach at a career and technical school, so my stance on this topic comes from a technology perspective. In our school using computers and apps is very high on the list of things that administration would like to see in classrooms. We...
      • Krista Hegge

        Week 7 3x3

        By Krista Hegge Comments (2)
        Hello, Follow this link to view the 3x3 for week 7! Enjoy, Krista
        • Krista Hegge

          Week 7

          By Krista Hegge
          Digital literacy is a new platform for adolescents to learn, engage, communicate, create, and collaborate. Today's society is more and more embedded with technology, using technology in the classrooms and teaching our students to be digitally...
          • Julie Irizarry

            Week 6 - Readings & Response

            Taking a look at writing and its role in the classroom involves differentiating writing as a product and writing as a process. While planning lessons, we anticipate student responses and possible misconceptions, but are we also incorporating steps...
            • Krista Hegge

              Week 4

              By Krista Hegge Comments (2)
              I feel that literacy instruction should not have one “look”. It should be flexible depending on content, grade level, and also the populations of students. However with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) seem to keep teachers in a...
              • Joanmarie Reid

                Group C- Week 3- 3x3

                I was the group leader this week. Here is the 3x3!     
                • Joanmarie Reid

                  Reid- Week 3 Readings

                  Disciplinary literacy is content-specific instruction. It is a shift from the all inclusive strategies connected with literacy such as questioning, visualizing, and summarizing. Disciplinary literacy will allow students to structure their way of...

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