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    • Dira Cumberbatch

      Week 12 3x3 Group B

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      • Giuseppe Marchica

        Coding Week 12

        I strongly believe coding should be taught in schools like other literacies. Coding is another language in itself and with this new era of technology at our fingertips, eventually learning to code will become a necessity. In the article...
        • Giuseppe Marchica

          week 6

          By Giuseppe Marchica
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          • Giuseppe Marchica

            Week 11

            Comprehension of a text means an individual is able to compartmentalize the literature they are assigned into their own words. Many literacy educators provide students with foundational skills in order for students to break down their readings...
            • Dira Cumberbatch

              Week 11 Dira Cumberbatch

              The relationship between a student and teacher plays an important role. In my school our English teacher is white and the students who are 85% African American have a hard time making a connection with him and this causes a lot of classroom troubles...
              • Dira Cumberbatch

                Dira Cumberbatch's Week 7 reading response

                Embracing the digital age can be a useful tool in the classroom. Students of all ages are attached to their technology devices. Different kind of pieces of technology are many kids’ accessories these days. Even adults are guilty of this....
                • Giuseppe Marchica

                  Week 5

                  By Giuseppe Marchica
                  To guide students reading in the disciplines basically means to assist students’ capability to read and write. Further their prior knowledge and incorporate new techniques in order for them to build and expand their reading ability. However we...
                  • Giuseppe Marchica

                    Week 3

                      Disciplinary based literacy is the ability to write accurately, listen and speak effectively, as well as think critically while illustrating performance in various ways for different purposes. Theoretically students that enter middle...
                    • Cindy Raoul

                      Week 3 reading analysis

                      By Cindy Raoul Comments (1)
                      According to Biancarosa“the actual writing that goes on in typical classrooms across the United States remains dominated by tasks in which the teacher does all the composing, and students are left only to fill in missing information, whether...

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