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    • Amanda Tsaktsirlis

      mBot Week 1

      This weeks adventures were quite comical to say the least. For starters, I couldn't understand why my mBot was failing. My friend Melissa who took this course in the past came over and with some trial and error, we came to the conclusion that I...
      • Paul Sherman

        mBot Week 3

        By Paul Sherman Comments (5)
        I really had a fun time creating a code for the mBot to dance along to a song of my choice. I think one of the hardest parts was to actually think about what actions the robot should perform and when. Also, since I didn't want the robot to...
        • Maria Minafra

          mBot Week 2

          By Maria Minafra Comments (2)
          I enjoyed learning more about the different features of the mBot during the week 2 tutorials. The light sensor tutorial wasn't working for me when I shut off the lights in a room and turned them back on, I think this is because it...
          • Paul Sherman

            Mbot Week 2

            By Paul Sherman Comments (4)
            I really enjoyed working through the mBot material for week 2. It allowed me to further develop and explore my mBot skills. It gave me more of an understanding of the mBot's capabilities especially using the sensors. The mBot is an amazing...
            • Susan Granata

              mBot Figure8 Coding

              By Susan Granata
              And so it is time to teach the robot to do a figure 8! In essence, a figure 8 is just 2 circles going in different directions. At first, I just did the reverse direction - but the robot just twitches and does one circle. Evidently, you have to tell...
              • Susan Granata

                MBotWeek1 - Geometry in motion

                By Susan Granata Comments (1)
                So making the square should be easy, right? just make a repeat block, so go forward a bit, turn right, do it 4 times, done! Not so in mBot world. Because the turns of the mbot rely on a number of things such as types of batteries, friction, motor...
                • Susan Granata

                  MBot Week 1 Song Writing contest

                  By Susan Granata Comments (2)
                  So for week one music, I taught Mbot to play one of my favorite songs sung by Billie Holiday. Challenges: Finding the right keynotes, because C4 and E3 don't transpose easily from piano scores. Also, I found it challenging to place the pauses...
                  • Maria Minafra

                    Mbot Week 1

                    By Maria Minafra Comments (4)
                    I enjoyed learning more about the mBot this week. First, I think the step-by-step tutorials are great tools for students to use when they are learning how to use the mBot. They are clear and easy to follow and allow students to get the basics...
                    • Paul Sherman

                      Mbot Week 1

                      By Paul Sherman Comments (1)
                      I will start off by saying that I think the mBot is a great robot and tool for students to have in the classroom. I really enjoyed assembling it and I think students would benefit from the hands on activity. While doing the tutorials I liked how the...
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