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    • Milani Machicote

      ED 656 Week 7

      By Milani Machicote in the group Week 7 Comments (1)
      Adolescent literacy in the digital age is a very interesting topic especially amongst educators and other personnel who work directly with youth. For a very long time to be literate simply meant to be an individual that could read and write, however...
      • Rachel Richards

        Week 7

        By Rachel Richards in the group Week 7 Comments (2)
        Rachel Richards Dr. Ardito Group D Adolescent literacy matters in our community today, mainly teaching in such a diverse city where education is dominant to afford certain lifestyles. In schools today, there is a need for an increase in...
        • Krista Hegge

          Week 7

          By Krista Hegge in the group Group C
          Digital literacy is a new platform for adolescents to learn, engage, communicate, create, and collaborate. Today's society is more and more embedded with technology, using technology in the classrooms and teaching our students to be digitally...
          • Charlton Simmons

            Week 7

            By Charlton Simmons in the group Group A Comments (1)
            Adolescent reading in the digital age means that students are able to demonstrate reading skills (such as decoding, annotation, fluency, and vocabulary) through the use of technology and the respective skills associated with it. As the digital era...
            • Dira Cumberbatch

              Dira Cumberbatch's Week 7 reading response

              By Dira Cumberbatch in the group Group B Comments (1)
              Embracing the digital age can be a useful tool in the classroom. Students of all ages are attached to their technology devices. Different kind of pieces of technology are many kids’ accessories these days. Even adults are guilty of this....
              • Alexandria Delaney

                Week 7

                By Alexandria Delaney in the group Group A Comments (1)
                Adolescent digital literacy is something that should be mandatory in our classrooms at this point.  We live in an age where most things are run by technology: people read the news on their phones, communicate with bosses or coworkers through...
                • Ashtyn Greenstein

                  Week 7 Reading Analysis

                  By Ashtyn Greenstein in the group Group A Comments (1)
                  Embracing the digital age can be an extremely effective tool when utilized in the classroom. Kids are extremely attached to their phones as well as all other pieces of technology such as computers, video games, and more. Bringing in technology is...
                  • Andrew Rohan

                    Andrew Rohan's Week 7 response

                    By Andrew Rohan in the group Group A Comments (1)
                    Adolescent literacy in the digital age incorporates many practices and methods found in normal literacy teaching but streamlines and opens the available options to those trying to learn it. Open learning, also known as open education, can be defined...
                    • Abdul Amunikoro

                      Week 7 Response

                      By Abdul Amunikoro in the group Group A
                        Lynch’s article in this week reminded me on an earlier article need for prior knowledge in literacy instruction. The scope of the article was to represent the need for students being introduced to vocabulary words before reading a given...
                      • Ashtyn Greenstein

                        Weed 6 3x3

                        By Ashtyn Greenstein in the group Group A Comments (1)
                 Sorry if it sounds like I'm rushing! I had so much to say and 3 minutes isn't that much time!

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