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    • Rachel Scarano


      #mycoollessonplan   Lesson: What colors are in a rainbow? Topic: Rainbows Class: 4th grade   Lesson: 40 Minutes   Materials: -Picture Book “What Makes a Rainbow?” by Betty Schwartz -Rainbow...
      • Mikaela Fernandes-Dix

        lesson plan - Classwork for 10/31

        Mikaela Fernandes-Dix Topic: Metamorphosis - life cycle Grade: 3rd grade students Time: 45 Minutes Materials: Diagrams, Construction paper, pencils, colored pencils, YouTube videos, and whiteboard Procedure: As students the...
        • Jacqueline Manzano

          Science Lesson: 1st Grade

          Topic: Frog Life Cycle ( What am I teaching?) Time: < 30 minutes Age Group: 6-7 (Who am I teaching?) Objective: By the end of the lesson, students will be able to identify what occurs during each stage of a frog’s life...
          • Charlton Simmons

            Week 7 3x3

            By Charlton Simmons in the group Group A
            • Krista Hegge

              Week 7 3x3

              By Krista Hegge in the group Group C Comments (2)
              Hello, Follow this link to view the 3x3 for week 7! Enjoy, Krista
              • Minh Pham

                Week 7

                By Minh Pham in the group Week 7
                “Digital literacy is about more than just adding technology into the teaching we already do. The following common teaching practices that we have seen in classrooms as researchers and as parents of school-age children do not help develop...
                • Rachel DeMayo

                  Week 7

                  By Rachel DeMayo in the group Week 7 Comments (1)
                  Technology is everywhere - there is no escaping it at this point. As teachers, we should embrace the digital frontier as much as possible, and we should try to incorporate tools and platforms in our classroom that promote collaboration, research,...
                  • Milani Machicote

                    ED 656 Week 7

                    By Milani Machicote in the group Week 7 Comments (1)
                    Adolescent literacy in the digital age is a very interesting topic especially amongst educators and other personnel who work directly with youth. For a very long time to be literate simply meant to be an individual that could read and write, however...
                    • Rachel Richards

                      Week 7

                      By Rachel Richards in the group Week 7 Comments (1)
                      Rachel Richards Dr. Ardito Group D Adolescent literacy matters in our community today, mainly teaching in such a diverse city where education is dominant to afford certain lifestyles. In schools today, there is a need for an increase in...
                      • Krista Hegge

                        Week 7

                        By Krista Hegge in the group Group C
                        Digital literacy is a new platform for adolescents to learn, engage, communicate, create, and collaborate. Today's society is more and more embedded with technology, using technology in the classrooms and teaching our students to be digitally...

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