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    • Abdul Amunikoro

      Week 11 Response

      By Abdul Amunikoro in the group Group A
      From the readings and the videos, the term that stood out the most to me was “Post-Trayvon Syndrome" which was used by Christopher Edmin to correlate with a trend of minority students impressions of their encounters with law...
      • Andrew Rohan

        Andrew Rohan's Week 10 Response

        By Andrew Rohan in the group Group A
        When discussing genres that we are using in and across academic disciplines, we are discussing the utilization of different literacy methods across different themes to increase their engagement and their abilities with that reading. Recent...
        • Dira Cumberbatch

          Week 10 Group B Dira Cumberbatch

          By Dira Cumberbatch
          Dira Cumberbatch Week 10     A lot of times the science subject are not viewed as a literacy subject. What people do not seem to realize is that literacy skills are needed in many different aspects in science. Reading...
          • Rachel Richards

            Group D week 10

            By Rachel Richards in the group Group D
            Rachel Richards Ed656 Dr. Ardito Group D Week 10    Much attention is there towards the different genre and its application in language teaching and learning. What Genre speaks too; is how students write, use language to...
            • Milani Machicote

              ED 656 Week 10

              By Milani Machicote in the group Group D
              The genres that we use across contents vary. For English Language Arts students delve into a variety of genres including fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, thrillers etc. English class lends itself to the multitude of genres because it allows learners...
              • Ashtyn Greenstein

                Week 10 Reading Response

                By Ashtyn Greenstein in the group Group A
                Through reading these articles, I really appreciate that a “scientifically literate” student is defined and given acknowledgement to in many of the articles. I really do believe there is something to be said about being a scientifically...
                • Charlton Simmons

                  Week 10

                  By Charlton Simmons in the group Group A
                  The two overarching genres across disciplines are fiction and non-fiction. Within the respective genres there are sub-genres such as mystery and romance. The further one looks at literacy within a specific content area, the more dominant the use of...
                  • Abdul Amunikoro

                    Week 10 Response

                    By Abdul Amunikoro in the group Group A
                    I felt a personal relation to two of the articles, so I felt best to reference my experience in my own life as opposed to the classroom.  Hotchkiss and Hougen's article stood out to me as it provided a career-oriented model for how...
                    • Rochelle Cadogan

                      Lesson Plan

                      Lesson Plan: 3rd Grade Science Topic: Potential and Kinetic Energy Objective: By the end of the lesson, students will be able to differentiate between potential and kinetic energy by providing examples of activities done in both...
                      • Michael Smith

                        Super Cool Lesson Plan

                        Topic: Buoyancy in objects for First Grade Objective: By the end of the lesson, the students will know about buoyancy and be able to identify what objects will float and which will sink. Lesson: Present objects to the class, each of...

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