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    • Samantha Gray

      First Cut at Plans

      By Samantha Gray
      I am a student who is always on top of their work. I am a planner and always set aside time during my day to get assignments completed. Looking over each project, I have some ideas but they are not set in stone. For the Learn a little something,...
      • Michelle Raspanti

        My Project Schedule

        By Michelle Raspanti
        Annotated Bibliography/Knowledge Building: ONGOING I am planning to read and respond to at least two course readings a week. There are a number of required readings for the course which address various components of blended learning and other...
        • Ashley Carpenter

          EDG 614

          By Ashley Carpenter
          Lab Safety Lesson Plan & Safety Contract 
          • Kendall Stevenson


            By Kendall Stevenson
            a. Who you are Hi, I’m Kendall stevenson Sr. I’m a 30-year veteran with Verizon as a Field Technician. I’ve spent eight yes as a Communication Specialist, I hold two AAS degrees in business/Technology, a BAS in Telecommunicates and...
            • Brianna Walter

              Course Syllabus Thoughts

              After reviewing the syllabus, I have a feeling there will be a lot of new and interesting experiences for me.  I am most looking forward to learning exactly what blended learning looks like in various grade levels and subjects- and what the...
              • Nina LaMarch

                Blended Learning

                By Nina LaMarch
                While looking through the syllabus I noticed that the last thing that we would be learning was designing coherent plans for grades K-12, this is something I am most interested in. Designing plans, for me, is the fun part so being able to learn how...
                • Susan Granata

                  My Plans for EDG902

                  By Susan Granata
                  Upon reviewing the syllabus, I am both excited and overwhelmed with the upcoming semester. This class will prove to be one of the most interesting and yet demanding courses I have taken so far, I am sure. For the Learn a Little / Teach a Little...
                  • Kendall Stevenson


                    By Kendall Stevenson
                    Hi my name is Kendall Stevenson Sr. I'm not a teacher yet, but I'm working on it. I currently work as a field technician for Verizon. 
                    • Anthony Travaglini

                      Syllabus thoughts

                      Looking at the syllabus for this class has me excited about a few different things. Unit 1: A History and politics of Blended Learning. I currently know very little about the history of Blended Learning. I look forward to gaining a deeper...
                      • Jessika Charvis

                        My thoughts

                        Since being a student at Pace over the past few years, I have had my fair share of online classes. I have also had online classes about educational technology. The Ed-Tech classes that I have had spoke about blended learning, but I have not...

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